Entrance Installation occupied a Randolph Street Lobby of Chicago Cultural Center during the 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial. Through its bold forms, color, formal references and the use of space it commanded attention, provided an entry point and reflected on the biennial’s title: Make New History.

Entrance Installation entertains multiple and contradictory readings. In many ways, it is and is not furniture, a sculpture, a pavilion. Its polysemic approach is reflective of the theme Make New History in that it puts to use our understanding of architecture's history while presenting a condition that is both well-defined and influx. Entrance Installation uses two familiar iconic forms—the arch and column— to call on architectural history and establish meaning, while simultaneously undermining it.  Because of their use, overuse and reinvention throughout history, these two elements function as both structure and symbol. The arch highlights the entrance and contradicts it; it reads as an entry and simultaneously creates a physical boundary. Similarly, the architectural column invokes stability and tradition, while the column itself requires support and provides no structure.  Through a process of establishing and questioning architectural classification the entrance entertains multiple and contradictory readings.

The room of the Randolph Street Lobby is based on a perfect 9 square grid composition, is symmetrical with rich materials and ornamentation and the installation hides the existing information desk. The asymmetrical distribution of the objects of the installation paired with unusually thin profiles and neon yellow color further exaggerates the flatness and contradictions while allowing for the installation to produce a cohesive environment, a space within a space.

"Make New History"

Chicago Architecture Biennial, 2017


Curator Sharon Johnston & Mark Lee

Representation Volume Gallery

Lead Design Ania Jaworska

Design Team Lucia Nayoon, Zack Ostrowski, Seetharam Vallabhaneni

Structural & Logistics Will Natzel

Fabrication Active Alloys, Independent Neon & Signs, Ania Jaworska, Lucia Nayoon, Seetharam Vallabhaneni

Paint Chris Jett, Nicholas Marsh Decorative Finishes

Support Min Park, Rad Mika, Alexa Long


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Entrance Installation

“The elements in her several-piece installation, spread around a traditionally designed room with old-timey sconces, are painted a day-glo chartreuse. You sure couldn’t miss them, but they purposely create puzzlement, too. Two columns that don’t hold anything up stand sentry on a plinth.” - Ted Loos, Cultured